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LEG1A Start List


LEG1A Start List is published.
LEG1A Start List(APRC)2019-09-20-APRC-Start-List-for-Leg-1A-Signed.pdf

LEG1A Start List(JRC)2019-09-20-JRC-Start-List-for-Leg-1A-Signed.pdf

Start List (Ceremonial Start)


Start List for Ceremonial Start
Start List for Ceremonial Start2019-09-20 Start List for Ceremonial Start - Signed

Results page


We have prepared flash result page for your convenience – please find it either from the “Result” in the top menu bar, or in the following link.
Please note the results shown in those pages are provisional ones, and may be corrected/updated without any notifications.

Rally Hokkaido 2019 Results page

Motorway Roadworks Notification


Please be informed that there will be scheduled roadworks of Doto Expressway, which connects western core of Hokkaido and Tokachi region, during the rally week. The expressway will be partly blocked and will not be available for service between Shimukappu and Tokachi-Shimizu.

Please refer the following link for details (Language switching is available on left-side menu bar).

Motorway Roadworks Notification

Paddock Layout is modified/updated


We are afraid to inform you that there was our mistake in the previously published paddock layout, and we are publishing revised layout (ver. 2). Crews and team personnel, please make sure to obtain this version.
◆Paddock_Layout(Kitaaikoku)Modified ver.
(No position change)
Paddock_Layout(Kitaaikoku)Modified ver.2019rh_Provisional_Paddock_Kitaaikoku_0906_ver.2.pdf

Provisional Service Paddock


Provisional Service Paddock is published,and available for download from the link below.


Entry list is published


Entry list is published,and available for download from the link below.

Seeded entry list (APRC)2019RH_entry_list_APRC_0904.pdf

Seeded entry list (JRC)2019RH_entry_list_JRC_en_0904.pdf

Rally Guide 2 is published


Rally Guide 2 is published,and available for download from the link below.

2019 Rally Hokkaido Rally Guide 219RH_RG2_E_final.pdf

Rent-A-Car for teams and competitors


We regret to announce that special rent-a-car offer for teams and competitors by Nippon Rent-A-Car, which was very popular in the past, is not available this year.

On the other hand, special offer for spectators will be available soon, so spectators, please stay tuned. We expect the offer will come with printed copy of the official programme and a sticker.

Entry is now open !


Competitors, entry for Rally Hokkaido 2019 is now open! Please check the details in the link below and submit your entry.
For details,

>>Competitor’s page

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