About the Event

What is Rally Hokkaido?

Rally Hokkaido is a rally motorsport event presided by FIA and JAF (Japan Automotive Federation).

Rally Hokkaido was first held as Japan’s first international FIA championship event in 2002.

In 2003, it was held as a candidate event for the World Rally Championship (WRC), and was co-held with (WRC) Rally Japan in 2004. Rally Hokkaido became independent event again in 2005, and since then it was held as an international rally event, comnbining Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) event and JAF Japan Rally Championship (JRC) event.

Since its inaugural event, Rally Hokkaido has been consistently held in Central Tokachi area in Hokkaido.
It consists of twisty high-speed forest roads, and has been enjoying high popularity among competitors and spectators. It is often said it is similar to New Zealand courses, whch is very popular event in the WRC series.

In 2008, its service park was relocated to Kita Aikoku Koryu Hiroba, which was used by Rally Japan. The service park is conveniently co-located with the event’s Super Special Stages (SSS), making it easier for novice spectators to enjoy the dynamic run of rally cars. While admission fee is usually required to access the spectator points, KIta Aikoku service park is admission-free. Please come and visit there with a light heart.

This year’s event will be its 18th.

This year it will be held from 20th (Fri.) to 22nd (Sun.) of September, where its autumn have its peak in Hokkaido. Please be there to witness the world-class driving of rally cars.


Permanent Secretariat

Rally Hokkaido Permanent Secretariat
Homei building,
Minami 49, Nangodori 19, Shiroishi-ku
Sapporo, Hokkaido, 003-0022
TEL +81 (0)11-864-2003 FAX +81 (0)11-864-1182
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