Digital Bulletin Board-2021

NOTE: This Digital Bulletin Board is purely for the convenience of crews and competitors. Please note the only official bulletin board regulated in the FIA and JAF regulations is the physical bulletin board specified in the event’s Supplementary Regulations, and posting of information to this digital bulletin board may not be as timely as the official one.


Bulletin #4 (11 September 2021)
Bulletin #421rh_BULLETIN_4E.pdf

Bulletin #3 (14:00 10 September 2021)
Bulletin #321rh_Bulletin_3.pdf

Bulletin #2 (14:00 10 September 2021)
Bulletin #221rh_Bulletin_2.pdf

Bulletin #1 (2 September 2021)
Bulletin #121rh_BULLETIN_1_0902.pdf


Communication #1 (9 SEPTEMBER 2021)
Communication #121rh_Commu_1.pdf


NOTE: Information are issued in Japanese language only.
Information 2 (3 Sep)
Information 221RH_Info.2_0903.pdf

Information 1 (COVID-19 prevention)
NOTE: This Information is issued in Japanese language only.
Information 121RH_info-1_covid19.pdf


◆LEG1 Start lists
Leg1 Start List21rh_StartList_leg1.pdf

◆LEG2 Start lists
Leg2 Start List21rh_StartList_leg1.pdf


Final Classification (int’l) 12 SEPTEMBER 2021, 1510hrs
Final Classification21rh_Final_Classification_Intl.pdf

Provisional Classification (int’l) 12 SEPTEMBER 2021, 14:40hrs
Provisional Classification21rh_Provisional_Classification_Intl.pdf

Leg 1 Classification
Leg 1 Classification

Miscellaneous Information for Competitors

Service Bay Allocations (1 and 2 September)
Service Bay Allocations (Kita Aikoku)_ver.221rh_Provisional_Paddock_Kitaaikoku_ver2.0_0902.pdf

Service Bay Allocations (Rikubetsu)21rh_Provisional_Paddock_Rikubetsu_ver1.0_0831.pdf

Result Service

(Results shown this site is not official, and may be different from the official results, which goes through close examinations and received proper approval)
Results Service Page


Provisional Supplementary regulations
Provisional Supplementary regulations2021RH_sup_regu_Int_EN.pdf

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