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APRC Drivers Interview : After SS2

Want more? Let’s see how the drivers were after the 1st stage of Leg 1B – RIKUBETSU LONG 2.

APRC Drivers Interview : After SS13

Time flies, and almost a week has passed since we had Rally Hokkaido 2019. For the ones who want more, we have something from our video archive – here’s Driver’s Interview video after SS13 OTOFUKE REVERSE 2.

Final Media Conference

Please enjoy the movie of Rally Hokkaido 2019 Final Media Conference:

Official Final Classification(APRC)

Official Final Classification is published.

Official Final Classification(APRC)2019rh_APRC_Official_Final_Classification.pdf

Provisional Final Classification(APRC)

Provisional Final Classification is published.

Provisional Final Classification(APRC)2019rh_APRC_Provisional_Final_Classification.pdf

Flash 06 (APRC)

Flash 06 (After SS13 OTOFUKE Reverse 2) for APRC is now released.
FLASH06(APRC) SS13 ENFLASH06_APRC_SS13_Otofuke-Reverse_EN.pdf

Flash 05 (APRC)

Flash 05 (At TC8E Service D OUT) for APRC is now released.

APRC Drivers Interview:After SS7

Here’s video clips of APRC Drivers Interview after SS7 KUNNEYWA 2.

Leg 2 Start list

LEG2 Start List is published.

LEG2 Start List(APRC)2019_Start-list_Leg2_APRC.pdf LEG2 Start List(JRC)2019_Start-list_Leg2_JRC.pdf

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