Rally Guide 1 is now published

Rally Guide 1 is published,and available for download from the link below.

Rally Guide 1(Text1/2) Rally Guide 1(Text2/2) Rally Guide 1(appendix)

Obtaining driving permit to compete in Rally Hokkaido 2016

To overseas competitors considering entry to Rally Hokkaido 2016
In order to compete in Rally Hokkaido 2016, both a driver and a co-driver are required to possess valid driver licenses permitted to drive in Japan.
Obtaining driving permit to compete in Rally Hokkaido

Rally Hokkaido on newspapers

Web versions of the news article covering the Rally Hokkaido 2015 by the two major local papers, “Tokachi Mainichi Newspaper” and “Hokkaido Newspaper” have been made available in their respective websites. Please click the buttons below to access.
(NOTE: Japanese language only / news article may became inaccessible when reaching expiry date defined by the respective websites).

Tokachi Mainichi Newspaper

Hokkaido Newspaper

JRCA Video Flash is now available

JRCA (JRC Association) has published video flash of Rally Hokkaido 2015. This video features JRC cars in action on the Rally Hokkaido stages.

The above video is embedded to our site based on the permission by the JRCA Video.

Thank you very much, and see you next year!

With Pontus Tidemand on top of the podium, Rally Hokkaido 2015 was completed all of its stages last night.


Rally HQ and Media Centre was closed at 12:00, completing all the event activities.

We thank you for all of your support, and are looking forward to see you next year, at Rally Hokkaido 2016.

Take care, and see you again!

APRC Final Media Conference

Video of the APRC Pre-event Media Conference is now available for viewing.

Car#1 : Pontus TIDEMAND & Emil AXELSSSON
Car#3 : Mike YOUNG & Malcolm READ
Car#4 : Hitoshi TAKAYAMA & Hideki TAKEYABU

Official Final Classification

Official Final Classification(Overall) is published

Official Final Classification(Overall)

Official Final Classification(Leg2)

Official Final Classification(Leg1)

APRC Flash No.5 (after SS16 OTOFUKE REVERSE 2)

APRC Flash No.5 (After SS16 OTOFUKE REVERSE 2) is now published. The weather is fine today, and they are doing best and working to finish the rally.

APRC Flash No.5

Text of the Pre-event Media Conference

While we have made the video of the Pre-event media conference available in this website for public soon after the conference, we are now publishing the text version of it in PDF. Please download from the button below:

APRC Pre-event Media Conference (text)

The button below gives you quick access to the video version of the conference:

APRC Pre-event Media Conference (video)

20 APRC cars started for Leg 2

Good morning from Rally HQ/Media Centre!
It is the morning of the final day of the Rally Hokkaido, and we are having wonderful weather here unlike the pouring rain yesterday. Some of the officials reported the weather in their stages are good, too.
Early in the morning today, total 20 APRC rally cars departed from the TC11E of the Kita Aikoku Service Park to SS12 OTOFUKE REVERSE 1, which is the first stage of the Leg 2. 23 JRC rally cars followed those APRC cars (among the 26 JRC cars in the Leg 2 start list, 3 of them decided against restarting).
Thank you very much for your support for the crews/teams in Rally Hokkaido!

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