Supplementary regulations is now published

Supplementary regulations is published,and available for download from the link below.

Supplementary regulations2019Rally-Hokkaido_SUP-REGs_E_final.pdf

Rally Guide 1 is now published

Rally Guide 1 is published,and available for download from the link below.

2019 Rally Hokkaido Rally Guide 12019rally-hokkaido_RG1-en.pdf 2019RH_Itinerary2019RH_Itinerary_ver.2_forAPRC.pdf

New Logo of APRC

The new logo of APRC arrived from FIA!
(Image is APRC & Asia-cup)

Happy new year

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season !

Mike Young looks back to his Rally Hokkaido

Mike Young looks back to his Rally Hokkaido 2018 – two day-retires with unfortunate mechanical problems, four stage wins, and… a spanner holding the car in one piece?

Let’s read his article and enjoy the story of drama – although it must have been frustrating, they and their car showed promising performance as well!

>Mike Young Motorsport
[Four stages wins, and a ‘Shakey’ start]

Photo Gallery 2018 has been added

Photo Gallery 2018 has been added to the menu. Please take a look and enjoy the selected photos from Rally Hokkaido 2018!

>>Photo Gallery 2018

APRC TV released Rally Hokkaido video

Rally cars are now packed, sealed and shipped to the next destination – the rally is over, but it was too good to just let it go.
APRC TV  has released a video clip of Rally Hokkaido 2018, so why don’t you allow yourself a few minutes to enjoy it again? I bet you will like it!


Thank you and see you again!

At 12:00noon today, Rally Headquarters completed all of its role and Rally Hokkaido 2018 is officially finished.

Our sincere appreciation to all the crews/competitors and their team staffs participated to the rally, all the local citizens and their governments in Tokachi area, spectators visited to our event, and officials/marshals supported our event. Without you, our event must have been just impossible.
We all are looking forward to see you all at the Rally Hokkaido 2019.
See you again, and take care!

Official Final Classification

Official Final Classification published now.
◆Official Final Classification (APRC)
2018rh_Official Final Classification (APRC)Official Final Classification

APRC Final Media Conference

APRC Final Media Conference video is now available for view:

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