Tracking information of rally cars

RallyStream, official tracking provider of Rally Hokkaido 2021, has prepared tracking display page available for public. For those who plans to stay tuned for the Rally Hokkaido during this coming weekend, please check this page together with our official result page.

RallyStream Tracking Page

Weather Information of Stages

JRCA has published weather status list. It can be a good companion for those who plans to chase stage result information during this weekend.

Stage Weather Status

Recce registration has begun

Recce registration has commenced, and crews are now heading to their recce after the registration. They know they will have great weekend – they are smiling big!


Media Accreditation Information is Published

Media accreditation procedure, forms, regulations and other key information is published. If you are interested in applying for media accreditation for Rally Hokkaido 2021, please check the Media page.

Media Page

Provisional Supplementary regulations is now published

Provisional Supplementary regulations is published,and available for download from the link below.

Provisional Supplementary regulations (released on 9th July)
Provisional Supplementary regulations2021RH_sup_regu_Int_EN.pdf

Photos and videos are now available for viewing

Complete official photo gallery of Rally Hokkaido 2020 is now available for viewing:
>Photo Gallery 2020

Our official YouTube channel now contains movies broadcasted from SS on our Media Centre Official Facebook page.
>Rally Hokkaido Media Centre official YouTube channel

Final Classification (Int’l)

Final Classification has been published.
Final Classification(int’l)20rh_Intl_Final_Classification.pdf

Unofficial Provisional Classificaton

Unofficial Provisional Classificaton has been published.
Unofficial Classification(int’l)20200913162254.pdf

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