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Supplementary Regulations – currently on pending


Due to the pending assignment of FIA VIsa number, the publication of the Supplementary Regulations , which was originally scheduled for today, is currently on pending. It will be published on this site as soon as the visa number is allocated. Your kind cooperation is highly appreciated.

Rally Guide 1 is now published


Rally Guide 1 is published,and available for download from the link below.

2017 Rally Hokkaido Rally Guide 1Rally Guide 1-E

Thank you all, and see you next year!



Rally Hokkaido 2016 has finished all of its itinerary, with a winner of Gaurav Gill/Stephane Prevot. And the Rally HQ has finished all of its business at 12:00 today, completing all the official works.

The Rally Hokkaido 2017 will be held from September 15th (Fri) to 17th next year, and we hope all of you to be with us again.

Thank you very much, all, and see you at Rally Hokkaido 2017!

Final Media Conference


Rally Hokkaido finished all of its itinerary, with Gaurav Gill winning the rally. The video of the final media conference can be viewed below:

Flash No.9 (After SS18)


APRC Flash No.9 (After SS18 Sammy SATSUNAI 3) is now published

Flash #09

Flash No.6 (After SS11)


APRC Flash No.6 (After SS1 Sammy SATSUNAI 2) is now published
Flash #06

[Flash] Stopped Cars in the middle of the Leg 1B


The following cars seems to have stopped in the middle of the itinerary:
Car# 17: RZ5 (between SS8 and SS9)
Car# 19: SS10 Course off
Car# 20: SS10 Course off

Flash #03 (After SS3) is now published


APRC Flash #3 (After SS3 RIKUBETSU LONG) is published.

Flash #03

[Flash] Cars #9, #10 and #16 stopped


We received a report saying the following rally cars have stopped in the middle of the leg’s itinerary.
Car#9: After TC1C, Mechanical problem
Car#10: In SS4, Mechanical problem
Car#16: Before TC3, Mechanical problem
Crews are OK.

[APRC] Flash 02 (TC1B Service A IN) is published


APRC: Flash 02 (TC1B Service A IN) is now published.

Bulletin 02

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