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Rally Guide 1 is now published


Rally Guide 1 is published,and available for download from the link below.

2018 Rally Hokkaido Rally Guide 12018rally-hokkaido_RG1-en.pdf

More video available for viewing


Time flies, and 2 weeks has already passed since the ceremonial finish of the Rally Hokkaido 2017. Now that many spectators who visited our rally with their camera finished sortingh out their photos, we now see many photos of rally cars in action decorating timeline in SNS services.
Rally Hokkaido Media Centre is not an exception. In addition to the video we performed live streaming, we added several after-SS interviews we could not publish during the rally, to our YouTube channel.

Please take a look and enjoy the Rally Hokkaido again!

Final Media Conference


FIA APRC Rally Hokkaido has finished with Gaurav Gill of the team MRF on Skoda Fabia R5 winning the rally, followed by Robert Blomberg of Mpart Sport on Mitsubishi Mirage AR4, and Fuyuhiko Takahashi of Ahresty Rally Team on Subaru Impreza WRX sti.
Here’s the video of Final Media Conference:



SS10 PAWSE KAMUY Driver’s Interview (Video)


APRC Driver interview after SS10 PAWSE KAMUY



SS17 is cancelled


Due to the issues caused by the first run of this NEW ASHORO LONG stage, SS17 (NEW ASHORO LONG 2) is cancelled. The rally cars headed straight from RZ8 to regroup at Kita Aikoku, but the final stage, SS18 will be conducted as scheduled.

APRC News Flash #06 (After SS16 NEW HONBETSU 2)


APRC Flash 06 (after SS16 NEW HONBETSU 2) is now published.


MITSUBISHI MIRAGE R5 – new car to the Rally Hokkaido


This year, Rally Hokkaido became more colourful with more high-performance rally cars competing for victory. In addition to MRF’s Skoda Fabia R5, Cusco Racing is driving the same car, as well as Vitz 4WD which participated in Rally Hokkaido 2016. However, probably most exciting addition to the event was MPart Sport’s Mitsubishi Mirage AP4.
It is Mitsubishi, but developed by MPart, which deploys 1620cc version of Mitsubishi’s 4B11 engine producing 280hp @ 7500rpm. Surprisingly, the car can come as LHD or RHD, and can be prepared as AP4 or R5+, all depends on customers’ requirements.
In this rally, three of them participated with Ketomaa, Blomberg and Takale as their drivers. Unfortunately, Ketomaa and Sanjay retired at Leg 1, but Sanjay returned per Rally 2 regulation and Blomberg started the day in 2nd place in unofficial classification.
Let’s see how the rally goes for Blomberg!

APRC News Flash #05 (At TC11E Service (D) OUT)


APRC Flash 05 (At TC11E Service (D) OUT) is now published.

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