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JSR Registered Drivers List


JSR (Japan Super Rally Series) registered drivers list can be found here:

JSR Registered Drivers list2019RH_JSR-REGISTERED-DRIERS-LIST-E.pdf

Asia Cup status – who’s leading the race?


This year, APRC received large renovation and there is no longer race for the championship throughout the season – winner of the APRC final in Longyou (China) will be the APRC champion for 2019. However, Asia Cup is still competed in the same manner as last year, and Rally Hokkaido is 3rd round out of 4 Asia Cup rallies.
So far, there is no one competed both of the past 2 rounds (Montre/Japan and Medan/Indonesia), thus the Asia Cup point standings has many drivers/co-drivers packed in small gaps. However, there are more than several drivers who competed Montre and will be starting Rally Hokkaido next Friday, so the point standings will look more interesting after Rally Hokkaido. Let’s see who is rallying it.

Neither of the point leaders, Kawana and Variza (38 points), is not competing, but Masumura (29 points) is. Djan also has 29 points but he is not coming to Japan, either. So it seems Masumura has some advantage in the point race. However, the gap between him and Young is only 3 points and he is obviously big threat. Even though Kohama is driving RWD Toyota GT86, he is only 5 points behind Young. When you consider the fact that anything can happen with Rally Hokkaido, with its very demanding stages for both the cars and the drivers, those is not a thing like “safe margin”. Tough stages of Montre gave Aoki and Otake very hard time, but the same thing might happen to any of them, while those two drivers must be well prepared after the bitter experience.
Basically the same thing can be said to co-drivers’ point standings (Takehara, Fujita, Ikeda and Takeshita), but the absence of Malcom Read may make it more complicated. Due to his series participation of Australian Rally championship, he is not able to join Young for Rally Hokkaido and Glenn Macneall will occupy Young’s co-driver seat. As many of you know, Macneall completed Rally Hokkaido many times as a co-driver for Gaurav Gill, and surely knows the rally and the roads. But considering the fact that Read (26 points) is not earning any points next weekend, it is more difficult to forecast the outcome after the Rally Hokkaido.
Well, it seems we just have to wait and see how the rally develops…

FIA APRC Point Standings

Motorway Roadworks Notification


Please be informed that there will be scheduled roadworks of Doto Expressway, which connects western core of Hokkaido and Tokachi region, during the rally week. The expressway will be partly blocked and will not be available for service between Shimukappu and Tokachi-Shimizu.

Please refer the following link for details (Language switching is available on left-side menu bar).

Motorway Roadworks Notification

Cusco C-HR is making its debut at Rally Hokkaido!


It is Wednesday today, and that means there’s only 1 more week to go for Rally Hokkaido. On next Wednesday, 18th of September, Rally HQ at Obihiro will open its door for Rally Hokkaido 2019 and competitors will gather there for the Documentation.
This year, one of our familiar drivers, Mr. Mike Young (Cusco Racing) will bear car#1 place on his brand-new Toyota C-HR.
Yes, you read it correctly. Toyota C-HR.
Carrosser, who owns and operates Cusco Racing, has built a new rally car based on Toyota C-HR. Its dimension is designed to fit APRC AP4 regulations but it received TRD-8AR engine, 2000cc turbo racing engine developed by TRD based on Lexus 8AR-FTS.

During the past events, Young has driven another Carrosser’s original rally car, Toyota Vitz 4WD, and made tremendous effort in improving the car’s performance. And much of those experiences are reflected on the designing/building the C-HR. We cannot miss the debut rally of the car, and Young’s performance with the new car.


(Special Thanks to: YODA Rallying for the drawing of the car)

Provisional Service Paddock


Provisional Service Paddock is published,and available for download from the link below.


Rally Guide 2 is published


Rally Guide 2 is published,and available for download from the link below.

2019 Rally Hokkaido Rally Guide 219RH_RG2_E_final.pdf

Supplementary regulations is now published


Supplementary regulations is published,and available for download from the link below.

Supplementary regulations2019Rally-Hokkaido_SUP-REGs_E_final.pdf

Rally Guide 1 is now published


Rally Guide 1 is published,and available for download from the link below.

2019 Rally Hokkaido Rally Guide 12019rally-hokkaido_RG1-en.pdf 2019RH_Itinerary2019RH_Itinerary_ver.2_forAPRC.pdf

Happy new year


Wishing you a wonderful holiday season !

Mike Young looks back to his Rally Hokkaido


Mike Young looks back to his Rally Hokkaido 2018 – two day-retires with unfortunate mechanical problems, four stage wins, and… a spanner holding the car in one piece?

Let’s read his article and enjoy the story of drama – although it must have been frustrating, they and their car showed promising performance as well!

>Mike Young Motorsport
[Four stages wins, and a ‘Shakey’ start]

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