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SR now available for Rally Hokkaido 2024


Supplementary Regulations for Rally Hokkaido 2024 has been published, and its entry is now open.
NOTE: Only Japanese language version is available.
Supplementary Regulations (Draft/Japanese)2024rh_sup_regu_Int_JRC_0704_ver.1.1.pdf

Route Map ver.2.02024rh_RouteMap_ver.2.0.pdf

Bulletins, Information and Communications


Bulletins 1-4, Information 1, Communications 1-3 have been issued.
Please check our Digital Bulletin Board

Result Service


Results Service page is now available.
>Results Service

Service Bay Allocations


Service bay allocations has been published.

Updates from ver1.0 : Printed in Blue
Service Bay Allocations Kita-Aikoku (draft) ver1.12023rh_Paddock_Kitaaikoku_ver.1.1.pdf

Updates from ver1.0 : Printed in Blue
Service Bay Allocations Rikubetsu (draft) ver1.12023rh_Paddock_Rikubetsu_ver.1.1.pdf

Provisional Entry List Published


Provisional entry list for Rally Hokkaido 2023 has been published.

Provisional Entry List (Int’l)2023rh_Provisional-Entry-List_Intl.pdf

Provisional Entry List (JRC)2023rh_Provisional-Entry-List_JRC_a.pdf

JML will be back, flying through the stages in Tokachi!


Toyota Gazoo Racing has announced that they will enter the Team manager of TGR-WRT and former WRC driver, Jari-Matti Latvala to Rally Hokkaido as a driver, along with Norihiko Katsuta, father of Taka Katsuta, and Tomoyuki Shinkai, both regular drivers competing Japanese Rally Championship. Juho Hänninen will co-drive alongside with JML.
Some of you might recall that Latvala recorded stage wins on both runs of Pawse Kamuy Reverse stages and one Rikubetsu stages, back in 2007, when he was behind the steering wheel of Ford Focus WRC in WRC Rally Japan held in Tokachi subregion. This rally must be good fit for him, and we are more than excited and thrilled to his entry.

TGR also announced that they will bring Toyota GR Yaris Rally1 HYBRID to the Rally Hokkaido, and gives us demonstration driving by two hero drives – Juha Kankkunen and Morizo!

Come and join us to witness the performance of those super stars and the GR Yaris Rally1 HYBRID in Rally Hokkaido!

Tickets are now on sale!


Tickets for spectators are now on sale at our Spectator Page (Japanese only)

Supplementary Regulations (draft) Issued


Draft version of the Rally Hokkaido 2023 Supplementary Regulations has been issued.
Supplementary Regulations2023rh_Sup-regu_draft_Intl_JRC_ver1.1.pdf
*NOTE: Written in Japanese language (no English version available)

Rally Guide has been issued


Rally Guide has been issued. Please note only Japanese version is available.
Rally Guide2023_RH_RallyGuide_0703

Rally Hokkaido 2023 preparation in progress


Rally Hokkaido 2023, which is Round 7 of JAF Japanese Rally Championship as well as an FIA international Rally, will be held from September 8th to 10th (stages will run on 9th and 10th). We are working on its preparation and will soon publish a Rally Guide and Supplementary Regulations.
Please stay tuned!

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