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Flash 01 (APRC)


Flash 01 (After SS1 Sammy SATSUNAI) for APRC is now released.

APRC Pre-event Media Conferencce


Here’s video of APRC Pre-event Media Conference.

LEG1B Start List


LEG1B Start List is published.

LEG1B Start List(APRC)2019-09-20-APRC-Start-List-for-Leg-1B-Signed.pdf LEG1B Start List(JRC)2019-09-20-JRC-Start-List-for-Leg-1B-Signed.pdf

LEG1A Start List


LEG1A Start List is published.
LEG1A Start List(APRC)2019-09-20-APRC-Start-List-for-Leg-1A-Signed.pdf

LEG1A Start List(JRC)2019-09-20-JRC-Start-List-for-Leg-1A-Signed.pdf

Start List (Ceremonial Start)


Start List for Ceremonial Start
Start List for Ceremonial Start2019-09-20 Start List for Ceremonial Start - Signed

Shakedown result


Shakedown result is published. Please find in the following link:

◆Shakedown Result
Shakedown Result2019-09-20-Shakedown.pdf

”CROSS AFTER WIND”, theme music of Rally Hokkaido 2019


As many of you may recall, MEDIAS ZONE (from Akashic Records) played a theme music of Rally Hokkaido 2018 at the Ceremonial Start. This year, MEDIAS ZONE will come back with a new music for 2019 – CROSS AFTER WIND.
In addition to the ceremonial start, artists of Akashic Records will show live music performance at Kita Aikoku Service Park from 2pm on Saturday, 21st of September. Please join us and enjoy their music before the day’s final stage, SS8 Sammy SATSUNAI.

Results page


We have prepared flash result page for your convenience – please find it either from the “Result” in the top menu bar, or in the following link.
Please note the results shown in those pages are provisional ones, and may be corrected/updated without any notifications.

Rally Hokkaido 2019 Results page

[Press Release] Federal Tyre supplies its G-10 to 5 competitors


In Japan, Dunlop (DL) and Yokohama (YH) together occupy most of the market hares of gravel rally tres, with some minor exceptions such as MRF (India/Gaurav Gill) and Hankook (Korea/Mitsuyoshi Kuroiwa) in the past. This year, Federal Tyre (Taiwan) announced that they supply Federal G10 tyres to 5 cars competing in Rally Hokkaido. (さらに…)

JSR Registered Drivers List


JSR (Japan Super Rally Series) registered drivers list can be found here:

JSR Registered Drivers list2019RH_JSR-REGISTERED-DRIERS-LIST-E.pdf « Older Entries Newer Entries »

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