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Final Classification (Int’l)


Final Classification has been published.
Final Classification(int’l)20rh_Intl_Final_Classification.pdf

Unofficial Provisional Classificaton


Unofficial Provisional Classificaton has been published.
Unofficial Classification(int’l)20200913162254.pdf

【Flash 04】Drivers Interview at Flexi-Service E (Int’l class)


Flash 04 (int’l class Drivers Interview at Flexi-Service E (KITA AIKOKU) has been published.

Flash 04 (int’l)
Flash #04 (int’l) Flexi-Service E (KITA AIKOKU)FLASH04_INTL_Service-E_EN.pdf

【Flash 03】Drivers Interview at Flexi-Service C (Int’l class)


Flash 03 (int’l class Drivers Interview at Flexi-Service C (KITA AIKOKU) has been published.

Flash 03 (int’l)
Flash #03 (int’l) Flexi-Service C (KITA AIKOKU)FLASH03_INTL_Service_C_EN.pdf

【Flash 02】Drivers Interview at Flexi-Service B (Int’l class)


Flash 02 (int’l class Drivers Interview at Flexi-Service B (RIKUBETSU)) has been published.

Flash 02 (int’l)
Flash #02 (int’l) Flexi-Service B (RIKUBETSU)FLASH02_INTL_Service-B_EN.pdf

[Flash 01] At Flexi-Service A (RIKUBETSU)(int’l class)


Flash 01 (Flexi-Service A – RIKUBETSU / int’l class) has been published.

Flash 01 (Flexi-Service A /Int’l ClassFLASH01_INTL_Service_A_EN.pdf

LEG1 Start Lists


Leg1 Start Lists have been issued.
>Digital Bulletin Board

Entry List


Entry list of the Rally Hokkaido 2020 is available here:

Entry List (Int’l)2020rh_Entrylist_Intl_En.pdf Entry List (JRC)2020rh_Entrylist_JRC_En.pdf

【BULLETIN】Bulletin #01 Issued


Bulletin #01 has been issued. Please download from the link below.
This bulletin covers important issues such as changes of HQ location, recce groupings and time of prize giving ceremony for JRC classes. Location changes of HQ and Media Centre is to reduce moves of people for the purpose of COVID-19 risk mitigation.

Bulletin #0120rh_BULLETIN_1.pdf

Provisional Supplementary regulations is now published


Provisional Supplementary regulations is published,and available for download from the link below.

Provisional Supplementary regulations (released on 14th July)
Provisional Supplementary regulations2020RH_Provisional_Sup-REGs_En.pdf

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