Media 2022


FIA has produced Media Safety video, which is recommended to all the media personnel. Please make sure to watch it prior to your media activity at Rally Hokkaido.
Media SafetyWRC 2018 FIA Media Safety Video (2:34)

Media Accreditation Request Forms

How To Apply

–Guidance for Application

Accreditation Request Forms (Page 1:Media Organisation)

–Media Accreditation Application Form (For News Media)
–Media Accreditation Application Form (For Promotional Media)

Accreditation Request Forms (Page 2:Media Personnel and translator)

–Media Accreditation Application Form (Personnel)
–Media Accreditation Application Form (translator)

Other Application Forms

–Application Form For Commercial Use Of Photos and Video
–Application Form For Additional Use

Media Regulations

–Rally Hokkaido Media Regulations
–Acceptable Use Policy


Any overseas media wishing to operate drone for their media coverage must contact media officer prior to the media accreditation request closing date. Requester must be familiar with Japanese laws and regulations about drone and its usage, and obtain all the necessary legal approvals and file required legal paperwork necessary for their drone operation in their own responsibility.

Key Schedule

Media Accreditation Request Commencement : 28th of July 2022
Closing date for Media Accreditation Request : 14th of August 2022

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