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Flash 02 (APRC)


Flash 02 (After SS2 RIKUBETSU LONG) for APRC is now released.
FLASH02(APRC) SS2 ENFLASH02_APRC_SS2_Rikubetsu_Long_EN.pdf

Flash 01 (APRC)


Flash 01 (After SS1 Sammy SATSUNAI) for APRC is now released.

APRC Pre-event Media Conferencce


Here’s video of APRC Pre-event Media Conference.

Track the progress of the rally – RallySafe Event Viewer


APRC’s official tracking system provider, RallySafe, is offering public viewing of tracking information for Rally Hokkaido. Please visit the following site to check the progress of the rally!

RallySafe – Event Viewer (Rally Hokkaido)

Rally Show


Prior to the ceremonial start, a promotional event “Rally Show” was held at Kita Aikoku Service Park, and many fans had opportunity to talk to their favorite drivers/co-drivers and got their autographs.


LEG1B Start List


LEG1B Start List is published.

LEG1B Start List(APRC)2019-09-20-APRC-Start-List-for-Leg-1B-Signed.pdf LEG1B Start List(JRC)2019-09-20-JRC-Start-List-for-Leg-1B-Signed.pdf

Shakedown result


Shakedown result is published. Please find in the following link:

◆Shakedown Result
Shakedown Result2019-09-20-Shakedown.pdf

Toyota/TRD HILUX, supporting Rally Hokkaido


FIA Observer is not an easy job, as s/he needs to go through all the stages to check the safety and readiness as well as all the other aspects of the event. And the vehicle that supports the observer’s mission is Toyota/TRD HILUX. Developed from the experience of Asian Cross-country Rally, the car has proven reliability on long rough terrains.

Shakedown has begun


Shakedown has begun under refreshing blue sky, on Sammy SATSUNAI stage. It is mandatory for Car#1 to 8, while optional for Car#9 to 20.


Kita Aikoku Service Park on Thursday


Preparations are being done on cars for scrutineering and rally, here in Kita Aikoku Service Park.

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