[Digital APRC] Awards for Online Rally Hokkaido


Digital APRC announced they will issue awards for Online Rally Hokkaido. In addition to certificate of achievement for winner, 2nd and 3rd fastest competitors, they will be giving “Biggest Moment” award with US$100 prize money for competitors who submit their “Big Moment” and got the largest vote in the APR official facebook page.

The “Big Moments” are something like – a jump, big spin, going off-road and recovering. Competitors are encouraged to record their stage and submit their big moments to FIA APRC official facebook page. Then the Digital APRC will post those on their facebook page, and the one who got the most reactions and comments will win the prize.
So, even if you are not competing this weekend, you can join us by checking the official page and giving your voting.
We will be waiting for your participation in either way!

Did I hear you will drive for the Biggest Moment award this weekend? I hope not… 😉

FIA APRC official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FIA.APRC/
(The picture below is from their image)

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