Specatator’s Map (Unofficial)


Rally Hokkaido Spectator’s Map, created by anonymous volunteer, is now avaialble for public access. You may find it helpful in driving around the stages and/or finding delicious treats on the way.
This is not an official map, and thus we do not guarantee the contents of the map, including stage locations. Please use it on your own risk.
Please do not access the stages except for the designated spectator areas. Always use the spectator parkings and follow the instructions of the marshals to get to the specatator areas, for your own safety and smooth operation of the rally.
Refueling service is provided at the commercial pump fuel stations. While it is open for public, your kind cooperation in avoiding them during the passage/refueling time of the rally cars is highly appreciated. To minimize the invonvenience of the neighbours, please always use public parking and never park your car on the road or private properties.

■Google Map for Rally Hokkaido Spectators

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