Paddock Layout is modified/updated


We are afraid to inform you that there was our mistake in the previously published paddock layout, and we are publishing revised layout (ver. 2). Crews and team personnel, please make sure to obtain this version.
◆Paddoku_Layout(Kitaaikoku)Modified ver.
(Position changes for car #1,2,3,5,6,7,8,11,12,13,15,17,19,55,57,62,64,69,78,88,89,99)
Paddock_Layout(Kitaaikoku)Modified ver.2018rh_Paddock_Kitaaikoku_ver.2_0907.pdf

◆Paddock_Layout(Rikubetsu)Modified ver.
(Position changes for Car #13,14,16,17,18,19,56,58,60,71,96)
Paddock_Layout(Rikubetsu)Modified ver.2018rh_Paddock_Rikubetsu_ver.2_0907.pdf

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