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Shakedown has begun


Shakedown has begun under refreshing blue sky, on Sammy SATSUNAI stage. It is mandatory for Car#1 to 8, while optional for Car#9 to 20.


Kita Aikoku Service Park on Thursday


Preparations are being done on cars for scrutineering and rally, here in Kita Aikoku Service Park.

Short video clip of Scrutineering


What is the scrutineering for rally?
At the scrutineering, compliance to FIA/ASN regulations on car modifications, minimum weight, safety equipment and other important items are checked. Cars must pass the scrutineering to be allowed to start the rally.
Here’s a short video clip of the scrutineering yesterday. The scrutineering is currently held at Super Pit Chuo Branch, till 12:30pm. You are welcomed to come and watch the cars and the process.

Welcome Party


Every year, local community hosts BBQ-style “Welcome Party” for competitors, team members, officials and marshals at Kita Aikoku Service Park. This year is no exception – after a long day of recce and scrutineering, attendees enjoyed conversations over tasty food.
We interviewed several drivers during the party, and made available for viewing on our YouTube channel.

”CROSS AFTER WIND”, theme music of Rally Hokkaido 2019


As many of you may recall, MEDIAS ZONE (from Akashic Records) played a theme music of Rally Hokkaido 2018 at the Ceremonial Start. This year, MEDIAS ZONE will come back with a new music for 2019 – CROSS AFTER WIND.
In addition to the ceremonial start, artists of Akashic Records will show live music performance at Kita Aikoku Service Park from 2pm on Saturday, 21st of September. Please join us and enjoy their music before the day’s final stage, SS8 Sammy SATSUNAI.

From Kita Aikoku Service Park (19th Sep)


While crews are out for recce, mechanics are busy preparing their service bays and preparing the rally cars for pre-event scrutineering. Service Park is a place for rally mechanics to do whatever necessary works on rally cars in allowed time with tools, parts and materials available, and thus we can say it is their stage to show their full performance. It is also a place for crew to take a break during the intensive rally days.
If you are visiting Rikubetsu stage on Saturday, or Kita Aikoku either Saturday evening or Sunday, please take a look at the service bays and see the mechanics in action. This is definitely a part of competition, not merely a maintenance base.

Pre-event scrutineering is in progress


Pre-event scrutineering is in progress at Super Pit Chuo Branch. FIA Technical Delegate and team of Rally Hokkaido scrutineers are checking the rally cars. It can be intense moment for mechanics.


Cars taking scrutineering



Cars queued up for scrutineering


Parents’ Meeting?


Mr. Brian Young and Ms. Kathleen Young from Asia Pacific Sport Media has just arrived and checked-in at the Media Centre, and our CRO, Mr.Peter Macneall just dropped in and joined our conversation.
You may ask what makes this chat special – if so, remember they are YOUNG and MACNEALL. Yes, Brian and Kathleen are parents of Mike Young, and Peter Macneall is a father of Glenn Macneall, driver and co-driver of the Car#1 Cusco C-HR!
As both of their sons are very experienced driver/co-driver and regulars of Rally Hokkaido, none of them seems to be worried about their sons 😉

Recce has started


It is Thursday morning, and time for recce!
As you might know, drivers/co-drivers writes and finishes up their pacenotes, and its accuracy directly relates their performance. So some people say recce is even more important than actual stage driving. The recce is scheduled for entire day today and tomorrow morning, driving through twice each stage. Good luck and have a great recce day, drivers!

Results page


We have prepared flash result page for your convenience – please find it either from the “Result” in the top menu bar, or in the following link.
Please note the results shown in those pages are provisional ones, and may be corrected/updated without any notifications.

Rally Hokkaido 2019 Results page

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