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APRC Driver Interview Video: SS8


APRC Driver Interview Video: After SS8 KUNNEYWA 2

Flash 03 for APRC (After SS8)


Flash 03 (APRC Driver interview after SS8 KNNEYWA 2) has been published.

APRC Flash 03APRC Flash 03

APRC SS1 Drivers Interview Video


APRC Drivers Interview after SS1 Sammy SATSUNAI 1.

Flash 02 for APRC (After SS5)


Flash 02 (APRC Driver interview after SS5 RIKUBETSU LONG 2) has been published.

APRC Flash 02APRC Flash 02

Highlights of Leg 1A: Ceremonial Start


The Rally has begun – Ceremonial Start was conducted in Kita Aikoku Service Park, where a lot of fans and spectators visited and cheered up the drivers, with live performance of theme music of Rally Hokkaido, played by artists of AKASHIC Records.

Highlights of Leg 1A: Shakedown


Shakedown was conducted under a sunny sky – the course of the shakedown was the same as SS1 Sammy SATSUNAI. Here’s selected pieces of photo for you:

Highlights of Leg 1A: Rally Show


Prior to the Ceremonial Start, Rally Show was held at Kita-Aikoku Service Park. We had a lot of visitors enjoying their time with drivers.

RallySafe:Rally Car Location Information


You can track down whereabouts of the rally cars with RallySafe, official safety tracking system for APRC (and WRC as well).

RallySafe Rally Hokkaido TrackingRallySafe Rally Hokkaido Tracking

APRC Pre-Event Media Conference


Video of APRC Pre-Event Media Conference is available for your view.
Car#1: Yuya Sumiyama / Car#2:Mike Young / Car#3:Fabio Frisiero

Flash 01 published


Flash 01 (APRC Driver interview after SS1) has been published.

APRC Flash 01APRC Flash 01 « Older Entries Newer Entries »

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