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Track the progress of the rally – RallySafe Event Viewer


APRC’s official tracking system provider, RallySafe, is offering public viewing of tracking information for Rally Hokkaido. Please visit the following site to check the progress of the rally!

RallySafe – Event Viewer (Rally Hokkaido)

LEG1B Start List


LEG1B Start List is published.

LEG1B Start List(APRC)2019-09-20-APRC-Start-List-for-Leg-1B-Signed.pdf LEG1B Start List(JRC)2019-09-20-JRC-Start-List-for-Leg-1B-Signed.pdf

LEG1A Start List


LEG1A Start List is published.
LEG1A Start List(APRC)2019-09-20-APRC-Start-List-for-Leg-1A-Signed.pdf

LEG1A Start List(JRC)2019-09-20-JRC-Start-List-for-Leg-1A-Signed.pdf

Start List (Ceremonial Start)


Start List for Ceremonial Start
Start List for Ceremonial Start2019-09-20 Start List for Ceremonial Start - Signed



BULLETIN 1 is published,and available for download from the link below.

BULLETIN 1(For all competitors)2019_Bulletin.pdf

Shakedown result


Shakedown result is published. Please find in the following link:

◆Shakedown Result
Shakedown Result2019-09-20-Shakedown.pdf



Communication 2 is published,and available for download from the link below.

Communication_2(For all competitors)2019_Commu_2.pdf

Results page


We have prepared flash result page for your convenience – please find it either from the “Result” in the top menu bar, or in the following link.
Please note the results shown in those pages are provisional ones, and may be corrected/updated without any notifications.

Rally Hokkaido 2019 Results page

Communication 1


Communication 1 is published,and available for download from the link below.

Communication_1(For all competitors)2019_commu_1.pdf

It’s rally week ! Final preparation is in progress now


You know what? It’s rally week now! Small team of experienced rally officials/marshals are now preparing the Rally HQ and Kita Aikoku Service Park.
Service park is now ready to open its door to competitors to setup their gears in their allocated service bays, and other facilities will receive final fine-tune to start their operations tomorrow.
Our familiar car is also arrived – Lancer Evolution VII safety car!


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