Archive 2018 (Competitor)

Bulletins / Communications


Communication #4 (For all competitors) (9/14)
Communication #418rh_commu_04.pdf

BULLETIN #1 (For APRC competitors) (9/14)
BULLETIN #1bull_1_aprc.pdf

Communication #3 (For all competitors) (9/13)
Communication #318rh_commu_03.pdf

Communication #2:(All Competitors) (9/13)
Communication #218rh_commu_02.pdf

Communication 1(Scruneering Schedule) (9/12)

Scruneering Schedule2018rh_Scruneering-Schedule.pdf

Start lists / Results

◆Official Final Classification (APRC)
2018rh_Official Final Classification (APRC)Official Final Classification

◆Provisional Final Classification (APRC)
2018rh_Provisional Final Classification (APRC)Provisional Final Classification

Leg2 Start list (APRC)

Leg 1B Start list (APRC)stlist_leg1b

Leg 1A Start list (APRC)stlist_leg1a

Documents for competitors

RallySafe Fitting Kit Instruction Manual (9/12)
RallySafeFittingKit.pdfRallySafe Fitting Kit Manual

Paddock_Layout Modified ver.(released on 10th September)
Paddock_Layout(Rikubetsu)Modified ver.2018rh_Paddock_Rikubetsu_ver.3_0910.pdf

Paddock_Layout Modified ver.(released on 7th September)
Paddock_Layout(Kitaaikoku)Modified ver.2018rh_Paddock_Kitaaikoku_ver.2_0907.pdf

Seeded Entry List (released on 6th September)
Seeded entry list (APRC)2018RH_APRC_seeded_entry_list_0905.pdf

Seeded entry list (JRC)2018RH_JRC_seeded_entry_list_E_0905.pdf

Rally Guide 2 (released on 24th August)
Rally guide 22018RH_RG2_en.pdf

Route Map (released on 20th July)
Route Map Ver.1.102018rh_RouteMap_Ver.1.10.pdf

Itinerary (released on 24th August)
Itinerary Ver.2.022018rh_Itinerary_ver.2.02.pdf

Supplementary regulations (released on 22th June)
Supplementary regulations2018Rally-Hokkaido_SUP-REGs_en.pdf

Rally Guide 1 (released on 14th April)
Rally Guide 12018rally-hokkaido_RG1-en.pdf

Vaidity of international driving permit in Japan
[Caution for overseas competitors considering entry to Rally Hokkaido]
In order to compete in Rally Hokkaido, both of a driver and a co-driver are required to posess valid civil drivers licenses permitted to drive in Japan. Please read through the document here and make sure you have one, or learn how to obtain one for you.
For international license valid in Japan

Entry Form

accommodation booking form

Special offer of rent-a-car for competitors

Nippon Rent-A-Car is an official rent-a-car company for the Rally Hokkaido.
There is a special website set up for the participants and officials of Rally Hokkaido to enjoy their special offer.

>>rent-a-car for competitors and officials

Schedule of documents issued

Publication of Rally Guide 1 : 14th of April
Publication of Supplementary Regulations : 23th of June
Opening date for entries : 24th of July
Closing date for entries : 24th of August
Publication of Rally Guide 2 : 24th of August

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