rent-a-car for competitors and officials

Special offer of rent-a-car for competitors and officials

Nippon Rent-A-Car is an official rent-a-car company for the Rally Hokkaido.
There is a special website set up for the participants and officials of Rally Hokkaido to enjoy their special offer.
Nippon Rent-A-Car Special Site

Nippon Rent-A-Car

The above is limited to the competitors, teams and officials of Rally Hokkaido. Spectators are encouraged to apply for “Rally Hokkaido spectators’ plan” from the website below:
This plan includes complementary “map code list”, which makes it easier for you to find spectator parking areas with the GPS car navigation system, as well as complementary Rally Hokkaido goods.

Please read before booking.

・Damages to our cars caused by driving on mountain trail, riversides or such, our insurance and CDW WILL NOT apply and we will charge you for the actual cost of repairing it/them.
Likewise, wheel caps coverage and lift vehicle service included in Recommended course, if those troubles are the result of driving on such places, you CANNOT take the service.

・Please return a car as the same condition of when you pick up as possible. When you return a car, if the car is covered with mud or dust we cannot check the car for dent or scratches. In that case, we will re-check when we do the cleaning and if we find any damages to the car we consider it accident’s without reporting the

・When you return a car, if the car is covered with mud or dust we cannot check the car for dent or scratches. If we find any damages to the car when we do the cleaning, we will charge you the actual cost of repairing.
Please report to the police and our accident reception center if you have any traffic accident.

[Cautions for rent-a-car users]
Damages caused by accidents under the following circumstances are subject to be compensation by the rent-a-car customers. Neither the insurances/protection included in the basic charge nor CDW (collision damage waiver) will be applicable to such cases.
Incidents are not reported to police and/or Nippon Rent-A-Car from the accident site, and/or other required processes are not followed properly.
Please make sure you contact the police and Nippon Rent-A-Car from the accident site, regardless the scale of damage, your position (victim/victimizer), involvement of other people/cars/parties.
Violation against rental agreement
Cases includes violation of Road Traffic Act and/or other laws and regulations, driving under influence of alcohol/drugs, unapproved extension of rental duration, driving by person other than borrower or registered ones upon sign-up, sub-lease, driving without proper license, reckless driving, use of rent-a-car for offensive purposes to public order and morals, settling out of court without permission by Nippon Rent-A-Car, etc.
Cases applicable for immunity reasons specified in the insurance/protection agreement(s) and/or specified as exception from coverage.
Damaged caused by a willful intention, alcohol and/or drugs, relevant charges like wrecker fee for write-off damaged car, puncture or other tyre damages, loss of hubcap, etc. Also, damages to properties which is owned by, driven by, or managed by the Customer (borrower or driver) will not be covered.
Cases due to fault in use or custody
Car stolen while its ignition key is engaged but the car left unattended, damages caused by illegal/nuisance parking, damages/defacement/odor of interior equipment, loss of equipment, damages caused by misuse or mishandling of tyre chain or roof rack, damages caused by off-road driving such as seashore or dry riverbed, etc.

Please pay extra attention when driving forest roads, not to damage side or other part of car body, not to damage windshield by stones, not to damage the bottom of the car by hitting the road surface. Nippon Rent-A-Car may evaluate the damage and may judge to apply the above conditions, where the Customer will be requested to pay the full amount of repair cost.

We appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation, such as applying protection with masking tapes and/or cardboards to the car body, and/or changing the tyres with separately-arranged ones in advance.

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